100% safe payment

Your data will be encrypted with a Secure Server, this way the protection will be guaranteed to be 100%.

The new site www.otticanogara.it it has been adapted to the current standard of web security online. The transfer of all the data relevant to safety takes place on a secure connection that is encoded with 256-bit SSL (identified in the "https//" in the address line of the Browser), thereby ensuring the safety and security of your transactions. All the processes of the function "my account", "Registration/Login" and "shopping cart", will be performed in encrypted mode, and then safe.

What does SSL mean?

SSL is a procedure of encryption for the safe transfer of your data over the internet.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. The protocol-SSL ensures that the data during the transfer will never be read or manipulated. The use of the SSL protocol that you recognize with the addition of an "s".

"Http" is adding an "s"(=secure) in the URL

The internet page is renamed, for example: https://www.otticanogara.it

Through the process of SSL encryption you get that:

1.) the content of the news is encrypted and thus made safe before going in the network;

2.) our server is recognized as "genuine" and reliable;

3.) all your data are protected with a very high level.