OTTICA NOGARA ... and his glasses

Started its activity in the province of Verona (Italy) in 1993.

After over a decade of activity has given rise to the new optical center within which they operate with the utmost professionalism, optical, and committed, providing the client with the advice necessary to allow them to choose among the many models of frames, lenses and sunglasses.

The choice of glasses, the shape of the same, the characteristics of the materials are just a few of the questions to which the staff is prepared to answer.

Prestigious brands for both frames and lenses, special treatments such as anti-reflective, the transition executed to perfection, and are the real business card of the company.

The glasses in the last few years is not limited to be a useful accessory and in some cases indispensable, but, thanks to famous designers of brands as Giorgio Armani, Vogue, CK, Sweet Years, and many of the others, the glasses have become fashion accessories that are trendy.

For this reason, our shop offers a wide range of models, both for eyeglasses and for sunglasses, a segment in which, other brands such as Ray-Ban, Police, Killer Loop and others, have given life to a true and proper cult. Who doesn't remember Top Gun?

Sunglasses, eye glasses, contact lenses can be chosen for pleasure or to please others but, in case it is necessary as a tool for correction of a defect, our optical center, with modern equipment, is able to perform a complete eye exam and help you in the choice of the solution.

Nicola Nogara, owner of the shop, with the professionalism that distinguishes it, care, with her staff, each and every detail of the product. The Team of the shop, experienced and prepared, can solve every need, and knows how to best advise according to the different requirements of the customers.

With the advent of new communication channels, OPTICAL NOGARA, has adopted all the necessary means to stay in touch with their customers. The new e-commerce web site, with the online sales of both products, outlet and new collections, the pages of Facebook and Twitter, allow you to always stay "connected" to the customer to make the OPTICAL experience NOGARA always new and dynamic.


We want to give the best service and follow our clients to the best, more than 20 years of experience that we want to put at the disposal of all.

Establish a relationship of trust over time, is the first thing for us OTTICA  NOGARA. Only in this way, the customer will have the best.

Thank you for choosing OTTICA NOGARA.